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How to Select the Right Wood Flooring for Your Needs
Floors have played a big and important role when it comes to home design. Once you make the decision, they will live with you for years to come. That is definitely a decision you do not want to mess up. Yet, with a wide variety of options, from carpet to terrazzo and tile. Hardwood is one of the acknowledged materials and is also what we will focus on in this article.
A Quick Guide on the Different Grades of Hardwood Flooring
When you're looking to shop for hardwood flooring products, one of the factors that go into the selection process is the wood flooring grade. The wood flooring grade is determined by the type of wood and how it was manufactured. In general, hardwood flooring can be divided into two categories: solid hardwood and engineered hardwood.
Why is Walnut a Popular Flooring Option?
With decades in the industry as engineered flooring suppliers, Ua Floors carries an extensive collection of carefully curated wood flooring products, and walnut is among the more popular wood species we have in store. In this article, we’ll discuss why walnut remains to be a choice flooring product for many of our clients.
Durable Natural Hickory Engineered Flooring
Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home with natural hickory hardwood flooring from Ua Floors. It is one of the most popular choices of hardwood flooring across the globe, and for good reason. Highly versatile and exceedingly durable, it can be installed in several spaces in your home from your home office, to bedroom to dining room.
What You Should Know About Reclaimed Heart Pine Flooring
Reclaimed heart pine flooring is among the recent flooring trends because of many reasons. It’s a popular choice for many because of its sustainability, rawness of natural beauty, and rich history. Authentic and antique reclaimed woods from old and abandoned barns, mills, stables, and other structures can be as old as a hundred years!
Luxurious, Durable Oak Engineered Wood Flooring
Natural oak engineered hardwood flooring has long been one of the top flooring choices for many years. High-quality natural oak engineered hardwood flooring is one of the most popular species of wood and not only elevates your space aesthetically, but it also increases the value of your property significantly.

Stylish and Durable Maple Engineered Wood Flooring
Bringing your vision and ideas to life is both fast and easy with natural maple engineered hardwood flooring from Ua Floors. Installing our high-quality flooring planks adds sophistication and durability to any flooring project. With its light natural finish, clean surface, and subtle grain pattern, our maple engineered hardwood flooring is a stylish choice for homes, offices, and commercial spaces.