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About Us

About Us


About Ua Floors

For almost three decades, Ua Floors has paved the way towards sustainable and high-quality wooden flooring for clients around the world. Learn more about our company here. 

Ua Floors is committed to full compliance with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) TSCA Title VI formaldehyde emission standards for composited wood products regulation. (EPA Compliance Self Declaration)


Our History

Ua Floors was founded in 1992 in Taichung City, Taiwan. Initially serving the local demand for hardwood flooring, the company expanded to reach international markets in 1998. Over the next three decades, Ua Floors set out to achieve various certifications, awards, and patents to exceed global flooring standards for both residential and commercial clients.

Ua Floors is a multi-awarded company, gaining recognition from associations and organizations all over the world for its sustainable hardwood flooring that meets the health and safety standards. In 2016, a study from the British BMC Journal of Supplementary and Alternative Medicine used wood samples from Ua Floors to show the effects of Far-Infrared Ray Wooden Floors to living organisms. This was also the same year that Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen officially visited Ua Floors’ headquarters.

Today, Ua Floors has become a global brand synonymous with quality hardwood flooring. Since 2008, Ua Floors re-established its headquarters to its new Yunlin location measuring 360,000-square feet where it houses one office building and four factory buildings. With an operational capacity of 20 million square feet per year, Ua Floors can meet the demands of its main market in North America as well as other key locations throughout the world.

Ua Floors is committed to providing safe, non-toxic hardwood flooring products and creating a healthier product for the benefit of all.



Core Values

Ua Floors operates by its core values to ensure sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices without sacrificing quality or customer satisfaction. We adhere to the following core values:

  • Diligence – Our team of professionals work hard to create and innovate to reach customer satisfaction. We perform with due diligence to ensure our clients get nothing less than the best.
  • Sincerity – We understand hardwood flooring innovation like no other company. We are always finding ways to keep our floors safe for every property owner.
  • Faith – We hire the best professionals in the industry to ensure our clients put their trust in us to provide them top-quality products.
  • Truthfulness – We proudly display our patents, awards, and certifications to prove that everything we say about our products are backed by scientific expertise. We do not claim anything we cannot support with evidence.
  • Pursuing the Ideal State of Simplicity – Our wide array of products are elegantly simple, perfect for any type of interior design for your home or commercial property.
  • Beauty – Whether we use reclaimed or top-quality wood, we promise a high level of beauty for every wood product we have.
  • Goodness – We do not sacrifice the environment in the name of business. Our operations ensure that we are not contributing to deforestation or the extinction of the wood types we use.




Guided by our core values, Ua Floor strives to develop products that are non-toxic, healthy, and green. We strive to conserve and resonate energy through our products by creating hardwood flooring that our clients can appreciate.



Ua Floors seeks to become a world-renowned brand noted for its top-quality hardwood flooring. We hope to become the ideal brand known for its healthy wood products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also provides a functional purpose indoors through providing far-infrared energy wooden flooring.



Our research and development efforts are focused on creating hardwood flooring that is friendly to human health. We have had our wood floors tested and certified to be resistant towards certain types of fungi, chemical compounds, and bacteria. To name a few of these types we’ve tested for, these include black mold (Aspergillus niger), Epidermophyton floccosum, E. coli, Staphyloccoccus Aureus, formaldehyde, and other volatile compounds that pose risks to humans.

Ua Floors strives to be an environmentally-friendly company. We recognize how deforestation is a global issue, and we want to prevent becoming a contributor of this problem as we expand. We only source our woods from artificial forests all over the world. And for every one tree we cut down, we plant three more in its place. We strive for ecological maintenance by making sure the logs we acquire are all put to good use.


Ua Floors aims to create a sustainable future


Ua Floors Features

Our hardwood flooring is not like any other. With Ua Floors, you can expect our products to be:

  • Non-toxic – Our most basic feature for all our hardwood flooring products. We strive to innovate and produce a non-toxic indoor air environment for residential and commercial properties. Take a deep breath and enjoy clean air thanks to our non-toxic flooring materials. We have the certifications and test results to prove our wood goes beyond the standard of safe flooring.
  • Energy This is the active far-infrared energy (FIR) wood floor we’ve developed and placed on our wooden floor and building materials. This guards your property and its inhabitants to make it healthier for everyone. FIR ionizes the water molecules in your body to promote better circulation.
  • Healthy – We attached the added value of nano-antibacterial onto our flooring products. We firmly believe that wooden floor is not just wooden floor, but a building material that can potentially promote a healthier indoor living experience. We’ve prevented our floors from becoming a breeding ground for potentially harmful bacteria and fungi.
  • Green Life We use artificial forests all over the world to ensure sustainability. For every tree we cut down, we plant three more in its place. No log we acquire is wasted as we use each piece of wood to good use.