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Far-Infrared Flooring Technology

What is Far-Infrared Flooring System

Far-Infrared Flooring Systems and Infrared Wavelengths

Infrared waves, often referred to as infrared light, are found in the electromagnetic spectrum, which humans cannot see, but can feel in the form of heat.

Infrared is generally divided into three sub-divisions by their wavelength. Wavelength from 0.75–3 μm is called near-infrared (NIR). Wavelength from 3–30 μm is called middle-infrared. Wavelength from 30–1000 μm is called far-infrared (FIR). Different sources use different boundaries for the far infrared; for example, sometimes infrared is defined as wavelengths from 0.75-3 μm, and far infrared as wavelengths from 3-1000 μm.

To the human eye, near-infrared wavelengths are the closest to visible light, while far-infrared wavelengths are on the opposite end, much closer to the microwave region in the spectrum. This makes FIR light thermal, a form of infrared radiation, that we experience as heat. The warmth that we feel from sunlight, a car radiator, or even a sidewalk exposed to the sun all afternoon are manifestations of FIR. On the one hand, NIR light, which humans can barely feel, is used in applications like your TV’s remote control.

Basically, any object that radiates heat is also emitting some level of infrared radiation, which makes the varying wavelengths of infrared useful in viewing different celestial bodies lightyears away from earth. That being said, how does infrared light work itself into hardwood flooring?

Our flooring systems utilize FIR flooring technology to provide health benefits through our hardwood products. Research shows that certain species of hardwood have natural compounds offering anti-microbial properties that protect and heal the wood from harmful microorganisms. And as an industry leader in hardwood flooring, we’ve taken this opportunity for greater health benefits a step further through FIR technology.

FIR engineered wood flooring makes use of a patented technology that injects safe nano-metal oxides into the hardwood, which then allows our antimicrobial hardwood flooring products to absorb readily available thermal energy in the environment, convert it, and release it as FIR energy – invisible to the naked eye, but abundant enough to penetrate the body.


Far-Infrared Flooring Systems


Far-Infrared Technology in Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Benefits of Far-Infrared Technology in Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Our sources for hardwood carry natural compounds, such as phenols, tannins, lignans, flavonoids, and other antifungal properties that make hardwoods naturally self-preserving – it keeps itself protected against harmful bacteria, heals damage from insects and other organic substances, and sanitizes itself from fungal attacks. Combining these natural hardwood properties with far-infrared ray technology is key in delivering an aesthetic and functional product built with your safety, health, and overall wellness in mind: antimicrobial flooring.

Here are the health benefits of FIR in engineered hardwood flooring:

  • Stimulation of body cell

Our engineered hardwoods directly absorb FIR from its environment, such as sunlight, running appliances, people, and other sources of thermal radiation. When the body draws in energy from FIR engineered hardwood flooring, many bodily functions are activated, such as the healing and regeneration of cells in the body. This helps rid the body of toxins and metabolic waste.

  • Water dissociation through vibration

It is important to maintain the pH balance in the body and water dissociation allows this to take place through the reaction that thermal energy enables. The molecular vibration that triggers water dissociation is dependent on specific temperatures, which FIR antimicrobial flooring also helps to address.

  • Boost immune system and healing process

Through FIR in our engineered hardwoods, the body gets to protect itself better from airborne diseases, viruses, and germs, which often prefer a constant 37° Celsius. At hotter temperatures, the body releases pro-inflammatory molecules that help build more immune cells to combat certain pathogens harmful to the body.

  • Stimulate the vasodilation

Vasodilation, or the widening of blood vessels in the body, is a result of the blood vessel’s muscular walls relaxing – it enhances the blood flow in the different parts of the body that need oxygen and are lacking in nutrients. The thermal energy generated by FIR antibacterial engineered hardwood flooring influences vasodilation by penetrating the body’s deep tissue and reaching the thermoreceptors in the body. This reaction triggers and stimulates vasodilation, which also allows excess heat in our bodies to escape.

  • Transformation of energy to heat

Energy transformations, such as the conversion of kinetic to thermal energy by rubbing our hands together, allow us to make better use of some forms of energy. FIR technology enables our hardwood flooring to activate various bodily functions by increasing our temperature when absorbed. Through the conversion of the sun’s non-harmful rays, our antimicrobial flooring helps you generate heat, which helps in reducing body inflammation, aches and pains in our muscles and joints.

  • Increase metabolism

Higher temperatures are often associated with increased metabolic rates, and with FIR energy emanating from antibacterial engineered hardwood flooring in your home, you’re allowing the body to increase the rate at which it burns calories and optimize energy use.


How does Far-Infrared Hardwood Flooring work?

Taken with a 360x microscope, here are images of microvascular blood circulation before and after direct skin contact with Ua Floors’ Far Infrared Energy-Coated Flooring.

Before(Left one) & After(Right one)
Body warmth before touching FIR Energy FlooringBody warmth after touching FIR Energy Flooring

And with a thermal imaging camera, here are images to see how body warmth develops when standing on Ua FIR Energy Flooring.


Images taken with a thermal imager

Before(Left one) & After(Right one)
Microvascular blood circulation before skin contact with Far Infrared FlooringMicrovascular blood circulation after skin contact with Far Infrared Flooring

Comparatively, we can see how the FIR energy is transferred into the body, enabling us to enjoy a wide range of health benefits. 


How does wood floors combine with FIR?

Ua Floors uses modern technologies to inject nanolized minerals into the open-pore of wood and produce antibacterial hardwood flooring systems. These nanolized minerals can absorb energy such as lights, heats, waves in our environment, and transform it into far-infrared energy that it is constantly releasing.

A carefully crafted combination of the natural self-protecting and self-healing characteristics of certain hardwood species with the capabilities of safe nano-metal oxides to convert FIR enables our products to improve the quality of your life. Imagine having beautiful hardwood floors that also provide greater health benefits to you and your entire household.

If you’re interested in adding protection to your home, don’t hesitate to contact us today.