Let's Get Connected!!!

Let's Get Connected!!!

Dear Valued Business Partners, 


Thank you all for your continuing support and cooperation with Ua.

Summer has soon come to the end.


Ua brings another great promotion and we cannot wait to share with you. 


As the saying goes, “Unity is Strength.” This time, Ua would like to get connected with all of you.

Build a non-toxic and healthy environment for more and more people has been our original intention and we would like to invite you to join us. Let’s go green together!


Time to get reunion!! Come to be part of Ua’s family☺️

How to Get Connected with Us... 

  • As long as your store is selling our products
  • Being one of our member
  • Provide the below related information 
    -Operation Time
    -Ua's Collection in Your Store
    -Photo of Entrance with Signboard*1, Interior store*1 and Hand-board with Different Angles*3
    -Video of Interior Environment and Hand-board for 15-30secs


  • Once you meet the above three conditions, you will be entitled to have one USD200 as return (Valid till 31Dec, 2021)


What Else ?

  • Your store will be listed on our offical website.
  • We can assist to set up Google My Business for you and your store will become more easier to be found by more and more customers.