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How to Avoid Sun Damaged and Sun Fading Problems?

Wood floor is alive and can breathe. It’s also extremely light-sensitively. When it meets the sunlight, it will react to it, which may lead to fading, bleaching and darkening. Fortunately, we can follow the below tips to reduce the performance damages of the wood floors.


Move rugs and furniture regularly

Rearrange your rugs and furniture from time to time, which allow the sun light to reach out the previously covered areas of your flooring. Though the fading process will continue but it can equalize light exposure so as to achieve a consistent color within the entire room.


Install Window Film

One of the best effective ways to protect your hardwood flooring is to block out the UV rays. Window film can drastically keep the UV and IR light out of the house, so that wood floors can enjoy more healthy sunshine.


Install Awnings

If you don't like the window film solution, awnings installation is another good choice, which can also block the UV and IR light for your floorings. Two mainly options of awning in the market, which are retractable and stationary type. Both types have wide-various colors made with fabrics and different textures which can bring various styles in your home.


Well temperature control inside the house.

As we mentioned above, even wood was made into flooring, it is still alive. It not only reacts to the sunlight but also temperature as well as humidity. What comfortable environment you feel will also affect to your wood floors. Creating a cozy environment will also help to extend the lifecycle of your wood floorings.


All in all,

Fading and sun damaged of wood is an unavoidable situation but by following the above tips, the situation can be effectively reduced and improved. It can also extend life of your hardwood floors for several years.


How Does Humidity Affect Wood Floor?

Different level of humidity can cause wood contraction and wood expansion. When the humidity is too low, you will find cracks show in wood floors due to the wood loses the moisture and it contracts. On the other hand, when the humidity is too high, wood absorbs lots of humid, then it might cause crowning and cupping.


Nevertheless, the above issues are all can be improved by using the dehumidifier and humidifier. We recommend to keep the humidity at the level of 30%-50% at home. With dehumidifier and humidifier, they can help to control the humidity and the temperature in your home.  If you did not have one with you, time to get one now.
The Differences Between Pre-finished and Unfinished of Hardwood Floors

Lots of people may curious about the differences between pre-finished and unfinished while choosing the hardwood floor. Pre-finished hardwood floors are wooden floors that have been finished in a factory, which means that you or your contractor do not have to spend time sanding and finishing your flooring in your property. It’s the more convenient and time-efficient choice. Nevertheless, since pre-finished hardwood floors are pre-made in a factory, your design preferences and options can be limited.


On the contrary, unfinished hardwood floor are raw wooden floor, which allow you to customize the design and the looks you want, but it will take more time to let cure and finish done. For more details...
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What is Engineered Flooring?

When it comes to floor renovation or construction, many people choose wood floor as its warmth boost the temperature in space and with the natural and charming surface, it becomes the first option. But did you know there are lots of different kinds of hardwood floor? There are five main types of hardwood floors, which are vinyl, laminate, parquet, solid and engineered hardwood flooring.


Lots of people may be unable to make up decision while they would like to have realistic nature feelings and brings the sense of mother earth to home but yet being afraid the situation of cupping, crowing, chatter and more to come. No worries, engineered hardwood flooring can solve these concerns. Engineered Flooring is not only able to against the moisture but also can keep the natural and comfortable feelings of wood in the meanwhile. It is very stable and not easily get cupped for its special way to be made of. If you do have the above worries, then engineered hardwood flooring will be the perfect option for you. For more details...
Is Ua Wood Material Supply reliable & legal?

Ua Floors insists on using materials complying with U.S. Lacey Act Policy and from legal forests to ensure the best quality of each piece Ua Floors’ hardwood flooring with the strictest requirements.

At the same time, being in line with the world trend of net zero carbon emission, we will put much more effort into the actual immplementation of ESG; aiming at environmental protection, Eco-friendly, and sustainable management for the benefit of future generations.