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Why It Matters: Antimicrobial Wood FlooringWhat is Antimicrobial?
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect nations all over the world — from the Delta to the Omicron variant — people are paying more attention to keeping their environments clean, safe, and healthy. This is where antimicrobial wood flooring with inorganic silver can help.Inorganic silver works as an antimicrobial agent by punching holes in the membranes of bacteria, with silver ions effectively causing the bacteria to degenerate from the inside, which consequently leads to their demise.
The Importance of Antimicrobial Flooring Systems
There can be different reasons to install antimicrobial flooring systems, but as a flooring solution, it primarily serves to address health and safety concerns, which are often relevant to the purpose of any given space. 
The Benefits of Antimicrobial Flooring: What You Need to Know
Antimicrobial flooring utilizes the mechanism of IONPURE, Ua Floors’ partner in the manufacture of engineered hardwood floors equipped with antimicrobial properties. IONPURE which is applied to Antimicrobial flooring releases a small amount of silver ion gradually. 
The Differences Between Antibacterial and Antimicrobial
While they both have the capacity to provide nearly the same range of features and benefits, antimicrobial flooring systems are actually different from antibacterial flooring systems. This type of discussion, however, can be debatable; especially if you want to be granular when it comes to the definition of terms. That being said, here are the definitions of the two: