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Floor Care & Maintenance

Ua wood floors are durable and easy to maintain. Your Ua hardwood finish protects the wood and makes your hardwood flooring look beautiful.

We recommended that you keep the relative humidity of your home at the this levels - Engineered Hardwood – 35-65% humidity, it will ensure a healthy environment for your wood floor.

Please download our full maintenance guide from here.



Clean in three quick and easy steps

1.Sweep or vacuum floor to remove any dust or abrasive material.

2.Clean your floor with Ua’s Floor Care Product. Pull up on reservoir cap from bottom of cap and fill with pre-mixed solution.

3.Mop floor with a back-and-forth motion in the same direction as strips, and clean only in a small area at a time. Finish one section before starting another.


Just spray and clean

The Ua Spray Mop enables you to clean and maintain your wooden floor in a sweep.

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