2018  Introduced the Olde Charleston Series with circular and straight saw marks on the surface.

2017  Introduced ultra scratch resistant floors with F.I.R. Floorscore certified.

2016  Research study about effects of F.I.R. floors to hypertensive rats published on BMC medical journal.

2013  Branch company opened in North America.

2010  Obtained FSC certified, JIS F**** certified.

2008  Ua Floors creates its non-toxic, energy, health floors.

2005  Expand to European markets and participate in international exhibition.

2003  SGS Formaldehyde Emission certified. Become a member of NWFA.WFCA. Introducing the international wood floor standards to Taiwan.

1998  Ua Floors moved into international markets.

1995  Used ED.E1 plywood to match European Regulations for Formaldehyde.

1992  Ua Floors funded.