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Why is Walnut a Popular Flooring Option?

With decades in the industry as engineered flooring suppliers, Ua Floors carries an extensive collection of carefully curated wood flooring products, and walnut is among the more popular wood species we have in store. In this article, we’ll discuss why walnut remains to be a choice flooring product for many of our clients.


What is Walnut Wood?


Walnut wood comes from the Juglans genus, and while many people assume that all types of walnut wood are one and the same, there are various types. Relative to the wood type and drying method, the colors, and sturdiness of walnut can vary—it can be whitewashed, reddish, flat brown, or dark purple, highly durable or soft and fuzzy, for instance.

While there are many walnut species, let’s focus on the primary properties of Black Walnut, which is also often referred to as American Walnut:


Wood Characteristic Quality
Origin The origin of black walnut or Juglans Nigra can be traced back to the central states in the US; primarily seen in Vermont to the Great Plains, south to Louisiana and Texas.
Janka Hardness


Color There can be a wide variety in color and character in black walnut species. Its heartwood ranges from light and greyish brown to dark chocolate and purple, while its sapwood ranges from a yellowish-white to grayish tan. 
Grain Black walnut’s grain is often straight and open, but it can also be wavy and irregular at times. There are knots and burls that give it a unique look.
Dimensional Stability Black walnut wood offers an average grade in terms of dimensional stability. It offers a 5.5 percent in radial dimensional stability and a 7.8 percent in tangential dimensional stability.
Specific Gravity 0.55
Nailing There are no known issues when it comes to black walnut wood’s nailing characteristics. However, depending on fastener placement and grain orientation, splitting is not impossible.
Sanding Black walnut wood offers satisfactory sanding characteristics as a softer yet dense wood species.


Why is Walnut Wood a Popular Choice?


As a hardwood, walnut wood can be quite expensive, but with Ua Floors’ hardwood flooring products, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank. Walnut wood is popular for a reason because once you see it installed in your home, you’ll understand that it’s more than worth it.

Walnut wood’s popularity is largely due to the following reasons:


  • Easy to Access

American Black walnut wood is easy to obtain, and as a premium hardwood, its capacity to be easily worked on makes it a favorite among woodworkers where it’s native in the US, such as in eastern parts and central regions, primarily because it also offers a range of beautiful colors, high shock-resistance, and durability.


  • Offers a highly natural-looking texture

Walnut wood is widely used in a variety of wood products, but most especially, for flooring. From the unique grains found in common walnut, to black walnut or gunwood, and Brazilian walnut, walnut wood’s versatility and elegance make it a truly attractive material. 

Black walnut wood grains are generally straight, but the variations that produce waves and curls add to its visual appeal. And as a species, black walnut wood’s distinct combinations of grain and color produce a variety of figure types more than any other wood species.

Given its unique grain patterns and natural textures, black walnut is a renowned wood species as wood flooring material. Its long-lasting and durability also make it a great species to go as an engineered hardwood or solid hardwood flooring product.


  • Provides any space with a warming vibe

Walnut wood is available in a range of colors that bring warm feelings to any given space, which makes it comfortable, pleasing, and welcoming. With the different types of walnut wood flooring, such as Black Walnut, White Walnut, English Walnut, and more, you get a wide range of hues and tones—from chocolate brown to reddish and lighter tans. 

Black walnut, for instance, delivers an extensive color palette. Its color varies from a light and pale brown to darker shades of chocolate brown, which can also have hints of purplish hues and reddish or grayish undertones. These colors of walnut wood make you feel right not only at home but at any place!

So, without further ado, let’s get to one of the most popular types of walnut flooring.


Black Walnut Flooring


Overall, Black Walnut wood is popular for its sturdiness, ease in use, dimensional stability, and shock-resistance. The colors of Black Walnut range from pale yellow to dark brown, however, its sapwood is much lighter, offering a whitish-grey color. It is rot-resistant and durable, which makes it a choice flooring product in many homes and buildings. Its lavish look gives off a taste of luxury, regardless of tone.

Ua Floors offers Walnut hardwood flooring products, so be sure to check out our collection if walnut suits your preference. Our walnut flooring products include:


Ua Floors is Your Trusted and Reliable Supplier of Walnut Floors


As a global supplier of sustainable and high-quality wood flooring solutions, Ua Floors is here to provide you with a wide selection of walnut flooring products. As an environmentally-conscious brand, we source some of our exotic wood floors from vintage buildings and textile mills that date back centuries, which gives our flooring products an authentic touch of historical significance.

It’s no wonder why walnut remains to be a popular flooring choice for many. It is easy to get, widely used as a wood flooring product, and it also brings warm feelings to any space, just like home.

For all your solid hardwood flooring needs, feel free to visit our products page, download brochures of our collections to find what you’re looking for, or send us a message and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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