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Why It Matters: Antimicrobial Wood Flooring

What is Antimicrobial?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect nations all over the world — from the Delta to the Omicron variant — people are paying more attention to keeping their environments clean, safe, and healthy. This is where antimicrobial wood flooring with inorganic silver can help.


Inorganic silver works as an antimicrobial agent by punching holes in the membranes of bacteria, with silver ions effectively causing the bacteria to degenerate from the inside, which consequently leads to their demise.


Applications of Inorganic Silver Compound as an Antimicrobial Material in Different Industries

Inorganic silver provides several key features that make it an effective active antimicrobial agent for a wide range of applications. Used in everyday items, such as electronics and appliances, kitchen utensils, and flooring products, inorganic silver antimicrobial’s key features include the following:


  • Offers antimicrobial properties according to the product’s design
  • Adapts to various types of resin
  • Performs efficiently in low concentrations
  • Retains the transparency of resins (PP, PC, ABS, and AS)
  • Enables adaptability to molding and spinning due to high heat-resistance
  • Does not degrade after washing
  • Provides safe use


Given its key features, inorganic silver is utilized as an antimicrobial agent in a wide range of applications for a variety of industries, such as wood flooring. Antimicrobial agents’ capability to be manufactured for these different applications allow daily household items and medical products to resist bacteria and stay cleaner for longer periods. Wood flooring is no exception.


How Antimicrobial Technology Works with Wood Flooring



The surfaces of our hardwood floors are coated and treated with a layer of inorganic silver antimicrobial. We use inorganic silver compounds as an antimicrobial material in our coating on the contact surface, which provides you with long-lasting flooring product protection.


When moisture is present in the environment, the inorganic silver antimicrobial in our antimicrobial wood flooring gradually releases silver ions, which bind to the cellular enzymes of microbes and hinders enzyme activity. The negatively-charged microbes that come into contact with the surface of antimicrobial wood flooring attract the positively-charged silver ions, resulting in an adverse reaction and causing the microbe’s cell wall to burst—effectively inhibiting enzyme activity and growth of microbes.


That being said, given its key features and wide range of applications, antimicrobial wood flooring systems can be used in various settings and industries, such as homes, offices, gyms, schools, business establishments, resorts, hotels, and healthcare facilities.

Continue reading below to discover the benefits of antimicrobial wood flooring!


What are the Benefits of Antimicrobial Wood Flooring?

With the pandemic still around us, it is of utmost concern to live in an environment that proactively campaigns for your well-being. The benefits of antimicrobial wood flooring, for instance, are evident in your day-to-day activities.

So, if you’re looking to install hardwood flooring – whether for residential, commercial, or industrial use – why not consider antimicrobial wood flooring?

Here are some of the benefits that you can expect when you have antimicrobial wood floors installed:


  • 24/7 protection for your floors
  • Help against the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew
  • Minimize the damage of microbial growth on the flooring’s surface, reducing premature degradation and extending your hardwood floors’ lifespan
  • A cleaner surface and more comfortable environment for you


With antimicrobial technology flooring, homeowners and property developers can enjoy beautiful hardwood flooring that offers helpful and long-lasting benefits to end-users.

In effect, wherever you choose to install antimicrobial wood flooring, the exquisite touch of natural or engineered hardwoods comes second to none. What more when it offers antimicrobial properties?


Ua Floors is Your Trusted and Reliable Provider of Antimicrobial Wood Flooring

With antimicrobial wood flooring systems installed in your home, office, or commercial establishment, you get to enjoy a space that requires less intensive cleaning and maintenance due to heavy volumes of foot traffic. That said, it has to be noted how antimicrobial wood floors still need to be cleaned with frequency, as it does not protect users from food-borne and disease-causing bacteria.


Ua Floors is your global distributor and supplier of sustainable, high-quality wooden floors.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today for any questions or inquiries on antimicrobial wood flooring and we’ll get back to you right away.