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Georgetown Maple Engineered Hardwood Flooring


SKU   OC7521-GM

Width   3 9/16"(90mm)5 1/2" (140mm)7 1/2" (190mm)

Length   1'-7' Random Length

Top Layer   1/8" (3mm)

Overall Thickness   1/2"(11.5 mm)

Species   Maple

Finish   Multi-layer UV Oil coating

Grade   ABCD

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Georgetown Maple Engineered Flooring - Olde Charleston Designer Collection



Georgetown Maple Engineered Flooring of Olde Charleston Designer Collection


Ua Floors Olde Charleston Designer Collection offers you a verity of American Heritage themed decors with distinctive character. Designer Collection hardwood's circular and straight saw marks will bring compound yet charming look of a true American design. All with something special – the warm history of our True Reclaimed Heart Pine, what you see are the character marks from many years of heavy use from another life. No two planks or floors will ever look alike - The unique charm of the Wormy Chestnut, the hearth tones of Hickory or the nostalgic history of our American classics – White Oak, Hard Maple & American Walnut. 


Georgetown Maple engineered hardwood flooring from our Olde Charleston collection gives you an American heritage-themed flooring product with distinctive character. This particular design carries unique circular and straight saw marks onto the surface of this maple wood - a classic, finely textured American hardwood with straight grain and occasional dark wavy streaks.


Georgetown Maple engineered hardwood flooring has a top veneer layer of 1/8” or 3mm, with an overall thickness of 1/2” or 11.5mm.  It comes in three widths: 3 9/16” or 90mm, 5 ½” or 140mm, and 7 ½” or 190mm, with custom lengths of 1-7 ft. The wood has been washed into a light, grey-beige tinge, a strong contemporary trend in 2020, and serve as a neutral background to creamy, ivory, beige, or grey-toned furnishings, offsetting strongly accented walls as well as varying shades of gray or taupe.


No two planks or boards of your engineered hardwood flooring will ever look alike. Enjoy the unique characteristics of this flooring product that’s designed to endure time and to enhance the beauty of your home for the next generation.



Sculpture does not need to original, what it needs is life.

Auguste Rodin


Georgetown Maple Engineered Wood Flooring of Olde Charleston Designer Collection Georgetown Flooring of Olde Charleston Designer Collection Georgetown Maple Solid Hardwood Flooring Olde Charleston Designer Collection


What you see are the individual characteristics that only nature can provide. Olde Charleston will surely turn your home into a natural heaven.

* Product photos shown herein may not fully represent the actual color, character, and surface texture variations within a specific product due to limitations of photography, lighting, detail, cropping and/or device viewing display properties. The product images presented here are not meant to replace viewing an actual product sample prior to making the final product selection/purchase. It is recommended that you contact the sales to get the correct product samples.