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Asia / Maple / Kitchen / Living room

J's House|Taiwan

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SKU   OC7530-BF

Width   7 1/2" (190mm)

Length   1'-7' Random Length

Top Layer   1/8" (3mm)

Overall Thickness   1/2"(11.5 mm)

Species   Hickory

Finish   Multi-layer UV Oil coating

Grade   ABCD

Case description

👤"As soon as I touch the surface, I know this is what I am looking for. The color and the natural marks are all exactly what I want for my house."


📌Comes in 3 widths: 90mm, 140mm, 190mm with custom lengths of 1-7 ft.
📌The unique circular and straight saw marks onto the surface 
📌No two planks or floors will ever look alike


Add some natural and unique elements for your home NOW.