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Chamonix Oak Engineered Hardwood Flooring



Width   9 1/2" (240mm)

Length   1'-7' Random Length

Top Layer   1/8" (3mm)

Overall Thickness   9/16"(14.5 mm)

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Chamonix Oak Engineered Hardwood Flooring of Parisian Collection  

Parisian Collection - Chamonix Oak Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Ua Floors' Parisian collection showcases the timeless elegance of European oak wood in engineered hardwood flooring design. As one of the world’s most classic durable woods, European white oak has a Janka hardness rating of 1,360 – more than twice the hardness rating of other classic woods such as cherry, maple, or mahogany wood.




This 7 1/2" urbane wide planks floor will give your home a unique and charming appearance as well as creating a sense of amplified space. So if you're looking to give your home a breathtaking new lease on life, you certainly won't be disappointed. In 2019, we offer the 9 1/2" extra wide planks floor for you. Extra wide wooden flooring is an interior design look that more and more people are searching for. In fact, extra wide wooden flooring can look equally stunning in small rooms as it can in big ones. So, if you're on the lookout for a wooden flooring solution that's a tiny bit unusual, that'll give you a look that's truly different yet full of style and charm. 


Chamonix Oak engineered hardwood flooring from our Parisian collection maximizes the look and feel of premium European White Oak with a color and staining treatment that enhances its natural appearance.
Chamonix engineered hardwood will make the perfect canvas for modern rustic, farmhouse designs or commercial spaces, adding glow and coziness to a room that can be easily decorated in warm or cool neutral shades. 


Chamonix Oak engineered hardwood has a top veneer layer of 1/8” or 3mm, with an overall thickness of 9/16” or 14.5mm. This engineered hardwood is cut into extra wide boards of 9½” or 240mm with custom length options of 1-7 ft. This flooring adds an inviting, homey, natural feel to a room and works well with sculpted décor in natural materials, wooden wall treatments, and rustic mantelpieces. It will enhance the look of a countryside home or a home in the city with farmhouse, retro-inspired designs and pieces. 


Give your home a breathtaking new lease on life. This hardwood flooring in a classic, natural shade will give your home an enduring look that ages well with time. Chamonix engineered hardwood flooring can be further customized for surface treatments and UV coating to give your floor a matte or glossy finish.



Between fashion and classics


Chamonix Oak Engineered Hardwood Flooring from our Parisian collection enhances modern rustic designs for homes and spaces Chamonix Oak engineered hardwood flooring brings the room elegant vibes Paris lady chamonix oak hardwood flooring


Inspired by the warm, rich feeling of mature floors from Paris. The wide plank Parisian Collection is sure to bring distinction to any home.

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