Hudson Heart Pine Hardwood Flooring


SKU   MH5531

Width   5.5" (140mm)

Overall Thickness   13/32"(10.5 mm)

Length   1'-7' Random Length

Top Layer   1/12" (2mm)

Grading   ABCD

Finish   Multi-layer UV Oil coating

Species   Reclaimed Heart Pine  

Grading  Our Olde Charleston features the natural and rustic look of wood, we specifically keep all the characters of wood, therefore they are not considered defects.

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Hudson Heart Pine Wood Flooring -
Manhattan Collection




5 1/2inch wide, with micro beveled edges creates a highly attractive plank flooring. Manhattan is easy to care for and keep clean, giving you enduring beauty for many years to come. The rich colours and sheer beauty will delight your family, impress your friends and enhance your home for many years.


Once a predominant type of timber in Southeastern United States, Hudson Heart Pine Hardwood Flooring was a popular choice for the classic Americana home. It was since used in construction, warehouses, and other industrial purposes. Today, this naturally textured Hudson Heart Pine Wood is a popular flooring choice for many residential and commercial properties.


Made with reclaimed Heart Pine, our hardwood flooring sports natural knots and color variation giving your floors a less uniform but smoothened appearance. Our Hudson Heart Pine Wood Floor is part of our highly attractive Manhattan Collection: easy to clean and maintain with enduring beauty and rich colors.


Unique Reclaimed Heart Pine

Our reclaimed Grade ABCD Heart Pine has a less uniform style, perfect for a more casual room while still maintaining a hint of understated industrial beauty.


Contemporary and Traditional

An exciting new flooring concept from Ua floors, our Hudson Heart Pine Wood Floor goes well with both contemporary or traditionally-styled rooms. It’s the perfect taste of Manhattan: from the industrial and commercial sites to the easy Manhattan-living feel.


Easy Care and Clean

Flooring in our Manhattan Collection are easy to care for and keep clean while still maintaining its beauty and quality for years to come. With proper care, its vibrant colors and streaks can stay as is and be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home for a long time.



Mysterious Luxury




Bring a taste all Manhattan to your home with our New Manhattan collection. Perfect for both contemporary and traditional interior designs, the Manhattan Collection is an exciting new flooring concept from Ua Floors.