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Heritage Hickory Engineered Hardwood Flooring


SKU   OC7530-HT

Width   3 9/16"(90mm)5 1/2" (140mm)7 1/2" (190mm)

Length   1'-7' Random Length

Top Layer   1/8" (3mm)

Overall Thickness   1/2"(11.5 mm)

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Engineered Hardwood






Black / Brown



Janka Hardness 



Micro Bevel


Circular and Straight Saw Marks

Core Type


Finish Type 

Multi-layer UV Oil coating

VOC Certificate

FloorScore / CARB II / EPA / JAS



28 pcs






52 boxes

SF /Pallet


SM /Pallet






Average Length


Box Width 


Box Length 

2125 mm

Box Thickness 

77 mm



Glue / Nail / Floating


Tongued & Grooved




25 Year Residential Warranty / 1 Year Commercial Warranty




Chamonix Oak Engineered Hardwood Flooring of Parisian Collection  

Olde Charleston Designer Collection - Heritage Hickory Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Ua Floors Olde Charleston Designer Collection offers you a verity of American Heritage themed decors with distinctive character. Designer Collection hardwood's circular and straight saw marks will bring compound yet charming look of a true American design. All with something special – the warm history of our True Reclaimed Heart Pine, what you see are the character marks from many years of heavy use from another life. No two planks or floors will ever look alike - The unique charm of the Wormy Chestnut, the hearth tones of Hickory or the nostalgic history of our American classics – White Oak, Hard Maple & American Walnut. 


Heritage Hickory Wood Flooring from Ua Floors’ Olde Charleston Designer Collection provides your home with a charismatic, but subdued mood that only authentic American Heritage hardwoods can offer.


Our Olde Charleston Designer Collection is a showcase of exquisite and elegant classic hardwood pieces, which includes timeless hardwood species sourced from all over the US. Popular for its natural charm, the collection displays how authentic American flooring should truly look like. From Old Mansion Pine to Georgetown Maple, Olde Charleston is a lasting reminder of classic American hardwood.


Heritage Hickory Hardwood Flooring features random saw marks in different shapes and sizes; from round scars of its past life to straight lines that echo its character. These natural, intricate details allow us to provide you with the cozy and charming vibe in old American homes. Through this careful craftsmanship, you can expect that no two planks or floors are exactly the same. Enjoy the antiquated appeal of Heritage Hickory Engineered Wood Flooring and relive history through hardwood flooring products that pay homage to American classics.


Heritage Hickory Wood Flooring Transforms Your Home


Following the rich history of American hardwoods, Heritage Hickory Wood Floors is a popular choice due to its strength, hardness, and aesthetic appeal. With a Janka rating of 1820, which offers the hardest of domestic species, hickory also comes in a variety of textured patterns. From raveling wood grains to value-adding hues of mineral streaks and knots of various sizes, you get a hardwood that is both durable and beautiful.


Given its properties, hickory is not only used in flooring products, but in most home renovation projects, such as cabinetry, shelving, and natural home décor as well.


The Benefits of Heritage Hickory Engineered Wood Flooring from Ua Floors


Heritage Hickory Wood Floors provides a range of benefits, which can ultimately help you decide if it’s the hardwood flooring solution for you. Here’s a list of how Heritage Hickory keeps its status as the preferred American hardwood for many remodelers and home designers:


  • Aesthetic Options (such as color variety and style) – Heritage Hickory hardwoods offer excellent stain retention, which makes it available in a wide range of hues. This also means that customized colors are also possible, especially if you want to create a unique look. Stylistically, it also provides opportunities for different designs, whether you’re going for a rustic and ornate vibe or a carefully constructed design.
  • Durability – Heavy foot traffic and furniture use can easily damage flooring over time, which makes the inherent strength of Heritage Hickory Wood Floors an excellent advantage.
  • Low Maintenance Costs – Like most hardwood floors, sealed Hickory floors allow for easy maintenance and reduced costs due to damage repair. Refinish your Heritage Hickory Wood Floors once every five years to ensure it remains in tiptop shape for decades.
  • Water- and Mold-Resistant – While it isn’t the best hardwood for water and mold resistance, you can have your hardwood floors engineered to offer these advantages.
  • Sustainability – Ua Floors provides hardwood flooring solutions that follow eco-friendly practices, from sourcing sustainable materials and reducing overall waste in manufacturing our hardwood products. Heritage Hickory, for instance, is naturally grown and manufactured in the USA, which is better for the environment than importing exotic hardwoods.


With these many advantages, it’s actually not so surprising why Heritage Hickory Wood Flooring continues to be a highly appealing and attractive hardwood flooring product.


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Sculpture does not need to original, what it needs is life.

Auguste Rodin




What you see are the individual characteristics that only nature can provide. Olde Charleston will surely turn your home into a natural heaven.

* Product photos shown herein may not fully represent the actual color, character, and surface texture variations within a specific product due to limitations of photography, lighting, detail, cropping and/or device viewing display properties. The product images presented here are not meant to replace viewing an actual product sample prior to making the final product selection/purchase. It is recommended that you contact the sales to get the correct product samples.