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Chevron_Leathered Walnut


SKU   TN09003-LW

Width     3 9/16" (90mm)

Length    1 4/5' (540mm)

Overall Thickness   9/16"(14.5 mm)

Species   Walnut

Finish   Multi-layer UV Oil coating

Grade   AB

The Craftsman Collection




The Craftsman Collection is based on the spirit of craftsmanship, preserving the most natural and original character of wood. Originated from the decoration of French royal palace, and gained much popularity among the medieval nobility. The beautiful and diverse variations parquets of Herringbone and Chevron create visual aesthetics, magnify space, and exude a noble, elegant and charming aura.



The Craftsman Collection - insistence and dedication








The chevron parquet especially requires strictly precise and perfect cutting of the bevels on both sides of a board to obtain a center seam alignment effect, extremely emphasizing the balance and coordination. With a regular & inverted V parquet, appearing clean, simple, elegant, and naturally reveals retro style.


The craftsmanship spirit is perfectly integrated to create a more soulful and better artwork that cannot be replaced. The Craftsman Collection - embodies the insistence and dedication to craftsmanship, not only heritage but also innovation. With never ending pursuit of a higher level of perfection and excellence, fully embodying the essence of craftsmanship spirit.