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Vermont Country Maple Engineered Hardwood Flooring


SKU   OC7521-VM

Width   7 1/2" (190mm)

Length   1'-7' Random Length

Top Layer   1/8" (3mm)

Overall Thickness   1/2"(11.5 mm)

Species   Maple

Finish   Multi-layer UV Oil coating

Grade   ABCD

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Vermont Country Maple Engineered Hardweood Flooring -

Olde Charleston Standard Collection




The Olde Charleston Collection features absolutely stunning floors with rough textured look, which harmonizes beautifully with any décor, from rustic to modern. All with something special – the warm history of our True Reclaimed Heart Pine, what you see are the character marks from many years of heavy use from another life. No two planks or floors will ever look alike - The unique charm of the Wormy Chestnut, the hearth tones of Hickory or the nostalgic history of our American classics – White Oak, Hard Maple & American Walnut. Nothing fake, nothing artificial!

Vermont Country Maple Flooring

From Ua Floors’ The Olde Charleston Collection, introducing the Vermont Country Maple Hardwood Flooring – a light, natural, rustic, but charming addition to your home’s interior design. Featuring absolutely stunning floors with a rough but textured look, this flooring can take you back to the 1670s but also look stunning in any modern or contemporary-styled room. There’s nothing artificial about our Vermont Country Maple Flooring – just genuine wood sustainably processed to resist the natural wear and tear of hardwood flooring for many years to come. Our Vermont Country Maple Hardwood comes with a grading of ABCD. This means you can expect a natural or rustic look that sports a few knots to give it is unique rustic look where no two planks will look the same. This is meant to complement any style of interior design, rather than a smooth finish that has less character than this flooring.


Non-Toxic and Safe Flooring

Ua Floors provides more than just visually appealing floors. We’ve gained patents and certification to prove our floors have nano-bacteriostatic technology that are resistant to bacteria. Our floors complies with worldwide standards that ensure our floors are free of any harmful substances for both humans and animals.


Sustainably Sourced Hardwood Flooring

Ua Floors operates with sustainability and eco-friendly practices in mind as we minimize the environmental impact our hardwood floors have. Our wood is sustainably sourced from around the world and processed through eco-friendly means. You can be assured that your floors were produced with minimal waste and high quality.


Healthy Homes

Our hardwood floors have Far Infrared Ray Energy, biogenetic rays that are part of the invisible sunlight spectrum. When skin comes into contact with our flooring, the Far Infrared Rays causes the body’s water to ionize and activate the water molecules in our cells and blood. This can help improve blood circulation, which in turn can lead to many health benefits in the body. Aesthetically pleasing and functional, let our Vermont Country Maple Hardwood Flooring delight and inspire your home with beauty, sustainability, and cleanliness.



Sculpture does not need to original, what it needs is life.

Auguste Rodin




What you see are the individual characteristics that only nature can provide. Olde Charleston will surely turn your home into a natural heaven.

* Product photos shown herein may not fully represent the actual color, character, and surface texture variations within a specific product due to limitations of photography, lighting, detail, cropping and/or device viewing display properties. The product images presented here are not meant to replace viewing an actual product sample prior to making the final product selection/purchase. It is recommended that you contact the sales to get the correct product samples.