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Aurora Impression Oak


SKU   95030211004

Width   9 1/2" (240mm)

Length   1.5'-7' Random Length

Top Layer   1/12" (2mm)

Overall Thickness   1/2"(12.5 mm)

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Twin Oaks Collection - Aurora Impression Oak

The trademark of Twin Oaks is an Oak tree with a capital T next to it. The oak represents the aesthetic and natural of wood product. The T stands for the product is proudly made by the people in Taiwan. Together, it symbolizes the inseparable bond between wood and people.


 Features of Click Wood Flooring     

Quick and easy, no nails or glue needed.
Swedish patented technology, the angle-in and drop-in locking system has superior stability and convenience, allowing the installation process smooth and easy.


 Core values     

-Easy to install
-Stable product quality
-Antimicrobial surface treatment 
-Environmentally friendly


 Brand Concept    

Each man is the architect of his own fortune. - Appius Claudius Caecus


Simple  but  not  simpler  .  ” 

Just  click  it !

FROM-Albert Einstein




The Sami people of Finland believe seeing the Aurora borealis brings blessings. Is the dream travel list for many people. Walking on snowy ground and enjoy the sunshine, all you can feel is relax. With wooden floors in white and brown tones creating a unique and cozy feel in your home.