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North America / Oak / Bedroom

A Elegant & Comfortable Ambience | Florida

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SKU.  G912R / G112R

Width   G9: 3 9/16"(90mm)

           G1: 4 3/4"(120mm)

Length G9: 1'-4' Random Length

           G1: 1'-5.5' Random Length

Top Layer    1/12" (2mm)

Overall Thickness   13/32(10.5 mm)

Species   Red Oak

Finish   Multi-layer UV coating

Grade   AB

Case description

🏠A Elegant & Comfortable Ambience 


For every homeowner, it’s important for every detail in your home to increase your comfort. With our Red Oak Engineered Hardwood Flooring of Grecian Collection,  any room can have a unique and comfortable ambience you can comfortably call home.


Get the timeless elegant Grecian Collection now to make your property more beautiful with our wood flooring.