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Asia / Oak / Living room

Stylish All Year Round|Taiwan

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Width   9 1/2" (240mm)

Length   1'-7' Random Length

Top Layer  1/8" (3mm)

Overall Thickness   9/16"(14.5 mm)

Species   European White Oak

Finish   Multi-layer UV Oil coating

Grade   BCD

Case description

👤The house owner designated 


If you ask why, he chose for…

✔️The beautiful gold surface blends well with most types of furniture
✔️The natural shade easily brightens up the every corner of the living space
✔️Its subdued rustic grain creates a casual, intimate mood that will bring you home relaxation, playfulness, and creativity.


Homely and exceptionally cozy, that’s the magic of Versailles Oak Engineered Hardwood Flooring.