Wide Plank Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Solid Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring




Ua Floors provides high-quality wide plank engineered hardwood flooring for a variety of uses – from residential to commercial and office spaces. As a leading supplier for hardwood flooring around the world, we continuously aim to source the best quality of graded hardwood for our products. A wide range of our solid wide plank hardwood flooring comes in boards with standard measurements of thickness, and following our collection’s designs, these floorboards can offer wider, customized lengths depending on your requirement.


A Distinctive Look with Wide Plank Natural Wood Flooring


Greater in width than the usual boards utilized for hardwood flooring, our wide plank engineered hardwood flooring allows the wood’s natural look to stand out through the wholeness in board size.


The term “wide plank” refers to the solid wood that is notably wider than the average boards in the flooring market. Typically, the average width for boards measures around 2.5-4 inches, while wider hardwood floors are planks measuring around 4 inches wide. However, there are boards that go even wider, measuring 6-20 inches in width.


Traditionally, wide plank flooring boards are sourced from hand-scraping solid wood boards, which adds a roughness in texture, and for this reason, there are suppliers of reclaimed wide plank flooring boards. That being said, the authentic distress in reclaimed wood can also be replicated in new boards. Smoother textures found in other hardwood flooring products apply to freshly manufactured wide planks.


The Demand for Wide Plank Flooring Boards


Compared to other options for wood flooring, wide plank engineered hardwood flooring can be relatively pricier due to its specifications. To keep a certain design visually proportional, wider boards and longer planks become necessary, which then limits your options when it comes to sourcing trees, thus driving up costs. After all, authentic wide planks are cut from the tree’s trunk, so milling these larger hardwood boards from trees involves considerable wastage.


Given this demand, it’s really no surprise why reclaimed wood is a growing alternative in the market. Sourcing hardwood planks at a range of 10-20 inches in width can be expensive, and the scarcer the species, the higher the price. On average, reclaimed hardwood planks measure no more than 12 inches due to the limited availability of sources.


When it comes to following through on a specific design requirement, wide plank natural flooring provides a sense of grandeur in style, especially in select tones and textures. Contemporary wood-centric homes, for example, make excellent use of solid wide plank hardwood flooring.


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